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Relate GMN aims to offer a quality service to anyone irrespective of sexual orientation, marital status, ethnicity, religious belief or social circumstance. We have four offices within the North of Greater Manchester that covers six territories including Bolton, Bury, Wigan, Rochdale, Oldham & Saddleworth.

What We Do

We’re here because relationships matter. We’re here to help with any matters that affect you or your relationship.



We listen to you and we help you to listen to each other.



We work to understand you and help you understand each other.



We offer alternative perspectives towards reaching the best resolution possible.

What We Offer

We deal with everything that affects relationships. Learn how we can help you.


Even the best relationships have hard times.

Young People

A service for life’s difficulties.


Supporting you to support others.

Training & Supervision

Training courses and workshops for individuals, groups and professionals.

Sex Therapy

Helping you face the difficulties.

Prostate Cancer UK is working with Relate.

Prostate Cancer Support

Prostate Cancer UK is working with Relate in Greater Manchester to offer counselling to those in need.

What our clients say

about their experience at Relate.

Relate helped us face up to what was wrong. If we had let things go on as they were, we might of soured up the relationship for good.
– Jennifer & Dexter, Relate Relationship Counselling Clients

Jennifer and Dexter have been together for five years. They met when they were both going out a lot and were juggling work, friends, hobbies and travelling to see family at weekends. When they moved in together they both felt the relationship changed. Jennifer realized that her standards of housekeeping were way above Dexter’s but she didn’t want to moan at him and change the laid-back dynamic they had enjoyed. Dexter was also feeling the strain since he wanted more commitment and was considering getting engaged but every time he brought it up, Jennifer told him that she didn’t believe in marriage as her parents divorced when she was young

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